GET OUT (2017)
Written and Directed By Jordon PeeleStarring: Damiel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones,

Betty Gabriel

  , Lakeith Stanfield, Catherine Keener, & Stephen RootThis film has a great concept, is well executed, well written, well acted, has timely content, ...
REC 3 – Genesis (2012) SPAIN
Til Death do you part!…no really, part or apart or in bloody pieces.
What a great way to take something beautiful and annoying (Wedding Video taping) and turn it into a Terminator meets Dawn of the dead and Exorcist adrenaline ...
VERTIGE (High Lane) (2009) France
It almost made it to the main road of ‘good movies’ BUT there was a bad DETOUR.

This french “Descent” knock-off had a chance; great landscapes, good camera work, remote location, attractive actors, who were really athletic (wow!?!?!)  and can ...
“She’s going to get what she wants.”~Marlene ClarkSome of you may have heard of this as Blood Couple and Black Evil, but for those of you lucky enough to have seen the original in theatres or the collector Director’s Cut ...
The Woman (2011) USA
Not every “Villain” searches for redemption and not every “Woman” needs a man.
An amazingly gruesome and touching indie horror has hatched from two great story tellers (Lucky McKee and Jack Ketchum). As a lover of horror and all things ...
Chain Letter (2010)CHAIN LETTER (2010)
This is definitely a main stream film that fell short. There’s a great idea, some very cool cameos, yet the inconsistent pacing and plot holes cripple what could have been a new franchise.
In the 2010 film ...
MUTANTS (2009) FrenchThough being original is near impossible, it is refreshing to see new takes on old stories.
In this french Zombie thriller a couple escapes deep into the snowy mountain finding shelter at a desolate hospital. The female lead Sonia (Hélène ...
Dawn of the Dead (remake) 2004Yes I know that this movie came out with Christ….
The Passion that is, but it held its own and I dare say even has appeal on the black market from what I hear???????.
Like From Dusk to Dawn you ...
High Tension (French Horror) 2005High Tension
What would you do to save your best friend?
In this intense horror thriller by Alex Aja and Greg Levasseur, two girls Marie and Alexia go to Alex’s parent’s house in the country for the weekend ...
Noriko's Dinner Table (Japanese Horror) 2006Back again with more chicks causing havoc!!!!
 Sometimes you like the sequel, sometimes you like the prequel in Noriko’s Dinner Table, you get both and it’s awesome!
 For those of you that haven’t been exposed to Asian Horror, it’s a ...
Legion (American Horror) 2010By KLMLegion

~The Little Movie That Didn’t…stick to one rip-off!!
FULL OF SPOILERS (Read on at your own risk)
So what do you get when you start with the original Terminator transition to Feast and end with ...
REC 2 (Spanish Horror) 2009REC 2
They went back in…What were they thinking?!?!
So, I was afraid, very afraid.
There‘s this thing that’s out there, it’s called “Sequel-itus”!?!?!
A company is so amped up to cash in on a movies popularity ...
REC (Spanish Horror) 2007Rabid done right!
If you spent the 8-14 bucks seeing Quarantine, sorry.  In case you didn’t know it was actually a remake of the Spanish film REC that was still in theaters in Spain as they tossed out ...
Frostbitten (2006) vs Let the right one in (2008) (Scandinavian Horror)Scandinavians have been busy with their vampires!
I’m writing this to bring to light TWO great movies from two really cold places.
We’ve all heard the hoopla about Let the Right One In. “It’s so amazing!!” or “It’s the best ...
The Book of Eli (American Horror/Suspense) 2009Come on?
What were you expecting…Denzel doesn’t do Horror. It’s still a good movie though!
So in the current trend of Apocalyptic films (Legion, The Road, 2012) There is this quiet gem that got a little buzz but ...
Battle Royale (Japanese Horror) 2000Battle Royale
Lord of the Flies meets the Breakfast Club.
I worked with this really cool chick (a while back) that was just as into horror as me, if not more so. I found this out when, one ...
Grotesque (Japanese Horror) 2009GROTESQUE
Gore, gore, gore…gore, gore, gore…But where was the point?!
So now is the time where I say “See at least SAW had a motive!!” or “And you Knock Friday the 13th part 100″…They had points!!!!!
In the film ...
Black Swan (American Horror/Suspense) 2010Black Swan is not only mesmerizing but it makes the world of Ballet really fascinating.
Darren Aronofsky is the Kubrick of our generation.
The story is about a frigid but gifted dancer Nina who due to self-torturing and a smothering ...
Vengeance Trilogy (Korean Horror/Suspense) 2002, 2003, 20056 of the most satisfying hours of cinema I have ever had in my life!
Old Boy, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance

So I do have a short attention span for long drawn out plots, no big secret. ...
INSIDE (French Horror) 2007“Mano y Mano” takes a back seat to “La Femme contre La Femme”
What could have been be a slow moving tragic tale of death and birth becomes the most treacherous tale of cat and mouse in the French horror ...

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