My Final Girl of the Day!

Halle Berry as Miranda Grey

Gothika (2003) https://t.co/nkEguWIeCC
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My Final Girl of the Day!
Betty Gabriel!

The Purge Election Year (2016)
Get Out (2017)

#MyFinalGirl https://t.co/EXSoF3Bmss
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Picture locked! Thanks to the wonderful editor Fabrizio Fama!!! Now on to color and sound!!! https://t.co/4cOdf4w5kD 0 0
Vampire of the Day

Queen of the Damn 2002

Queen Akasha

One for the Road
https://t.co/W7JTw0nJ0G https://t.co/ALwkQl2vzc
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We're not there yet!
One for the road needs YOU!
Help us reach our goal.

https://t.co/5dCanhFdWg https://t.co/sKs03KTLfa
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We need YOUR help to finish
~One for the Road~

-90% female cast and crew
click below

https://t.co/u582hw795D https://t.co/NlNlceMa1Q
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RT @thewhorer: 5 years ago it feels like there weren't a lot of women making horror podcasts and now the list just continues to grow. #wome… 2 0
Time to get Excited!!

Sennia Nanua


https://t.co/QizOpsujy7 https://t.co/9iglozRJ7b
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Black Women=New Final Girls!
We're always strong, no writer arc needs to start us as weak so men can enjoy the taunt https://t.co/RZEcOK79S6
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Looking for Black Women doing Horror SFX...

How did I miss this in 2014????

https://t.co/y0F4ynaKzU https://t.co/yl7yPdQYds
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Omowunmi Dada

OJUJU (2014)

*(A Nollywood Zombie film-YEAH!) https://t.co/F0rvje1jkd
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Starting today...
My Final Girl
will seek out Black Horror Heroines Globally!!!!
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Food of the Gods meets Toxic Avenger

RATS:Night of Terror
Shout out to

released (1983). https://t.co/w81ZRwtPMP
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Happy to announce the launch of

Black Women in American Horror Cinema
Internet Experience, Archive & Database
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Ganja: I'm standing in front of Pan American and the driver can't miss me 'cause I'm that evil.

Ganja's Introduction

Ganja and Hess (1973)
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Mabel King

Ganja & Hess (1973)
Queen of Myrthia

Before Mama and the Witch, there was the Queen
#QueenOfMyrthia https://t.co/ISGl4VQnXP
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RT @KLMBrooklyn: Feminist Horror Scholarship ROCKS!!


I want to write a dozen books on the strength of Women in t…
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